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Grace is Seattle's hardest working and brightest young powerhouse vocalist. Bringing deep, heartfelt resonance and perfect intonation to the microphone, she delivers performances of original songs and classic soul, R&B and pop masterpieces strongly reminiscent of many of soul music's greatest masters - think Betty Wright and Mahalia Jackson. But, never an imitator, Grace possesses a completely captivating vocal experience that is all her own.

Grace's backing band, The True Loves, has a sound altogether unique to the Pacific Northwest. Keeping the early soul music art form alive, this band provides a kickin' back beat, smart horns, melodic, syncopated guitar and bass, and sweet Hammond B-3 color to back up Grace's lyrics. It's the hip-swinging, booty-shaking, heart-freeing, soul-healing sound you crave to hear live, but rarely do.