Ben von Wildenhaus performs a mostly instrumental music that New York Music Daily has described as “transcontinental noir.” He has been compared to guitarists like Marc Ribot, Sir Richard Bishop and Sandy Bull, though his live show can evoke the intentional awkwardness of Neil Hamburger. Using an electric guitar, textless vocals, found audio and just about anything that can produce a tone, Wildenhaus produces, both live and on record, a seamless amalgam of Egyptian film music, Berber desert guitar, American folk melody, and avant-garde minimalism.

 Raised in the Pacific Northwest and refined in New York City, Wildenhaus has a diverse CV that includes Northwest heavy dudes Federation X, country nomads Juanita Family and Friends, and the City University of New York’s Middle Eastern Ensemble. He performs at Vito's with saxophonist and guitarist Jon Sampson (Bar Tabac, Shoddy Prototypes), drummer Andy Piper (Sugar Sugar Sugar), and bassist Jeff Gray (Dusty 45s).