In a salute to Vito's Italian heritage, we are proud to present The Tarantellas as our dinner show on the first and third Saturdays of each month for a festive and loving tribute to "The Legendary Favorite Songs of Italy."  Bandleader/vocalist Richard Sclafani holds forth with his antique Neapolitan Mandolin, a little work of art in itself, with a unique sound that has been described as the "heart and soul of Southern Italy".  On various nights, he is accompanied by special guests, including accordion virtuoso Bonnie Birch, acoustic guitarist Juan "Giovanni" Barco, and harmony vocalist Lana Brown.  Romantic Italian love songs, classical waltzes, haunting Sicilian melodies, and wild Tarantella dances are all part of the authentic mix. Plus, The Tarantellas add their unique touch to many Italian-American favorites by Dean Martin, Al Martino, Julias LaRosa, Jerry Vale, and other great crooners of the '50s and '60s!

(Hint: Bring your Sweetheart, and upon request, The Tarantellas will perform a romantic table-side serenade just for you.)  Viva Italia!