Monty Banks is an authentic, professional, experienced, award-winning singer, pianist, bandleader, and entertainer.  His musical style is an entertaining mix of Rat Pack-era swing, traditional jazz, and New Orleans R&B.

Monty lives in Seattle every summer (June, July, August, September), and in New Orleans the rest of the year (October through May).

From the roots of Rock ‘N Roll, to the swingin’ good times of the Rat Pack Era, Monty’s adventures in music have taken him from New York City, to his native Seattle, to Las Vegas, to cuise ships, Indian Casinos, and now the city where jazz was born. “I love mixing the swingin’ sensibilities of Frank Sinatra with the syncopating blues of Jelly Roll Morton, when combined with the upbeat, Creole boogie of Fats Domino,” he says. “That’s the right recipe for my kind of good times music!”