Wisconsin native Jason Goessl built a strong pedigree in jazz, neoclassical guitar, and world music before arriving in Seattle. While here, he fell in love with electronic, experimental, and avant-garde music.

Playing only one style of music never sated Jason's appetite. His next move found him with a Telecaster draped over his shoulder, steeping himself in country swells and surf-stylings and coming full circle back to the jazz of the 1950s that fueled his earliest musical drive.

Today Jason can be heard playing guitar several nights a week, deftly traversing a musical terrain that moves from country to electronic to jazz to pop and all the spaces in between. He plays at Vito’s with such diversely styled groups as the Pornadoes, Prom Queen, Brazil Novo, and Sundae & Mr. Goessl (with spouse and fellow musician Kate Voss). Under his own headlining night, you can expect to begin with finger-picked jazz classics and expand upon the sounds as the night progresses.