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2017 has been the year that Grace Love has found her voice, after the split with The True Loves in 2016, Gaining huge accolades from KEXP top the charts at 19 in 2015, and a global success of the hit song “Fire”.

Grace embarked on a journey into different genres, communities and cultures exploring and searching for her true voice and calling. Playing with various talented, earnest, and dedicated musicians Love has helped transform the Seattle soul scene infusing it with the grandeur it enjoys today. Since 2006 Grace has been continuously stretching herself and winning audiences over to her brand of Love Music. Whether playing with the California Honeydrops, backing Melissa Etheridge or playing to notable industry giants such as Quincy Jones Grace has moved on and used all the experiences to inform her musical journey.

In March Grace signed to Cannonball records releasing the self penned Rain that sold out on pre-orders alone. And now with Tesla Groove, under the stewardship of Alberto Zanini and Dave Thorley, Grace, as the main artist on the roster, is lining up for a 2017 that will only get better. To continue the progress that her hard work has achieved, spreading her message that Love never dies, Music never lies.

You’ve looked out for the next thing for far too long now it’s time to embrace Love’s intimate stories of adventure and beauty.